How to prevent and resolve Outlook Freezeeing

MS Outlook is an email management application that provides an easy way of e-communication with lots of other features. Using Outlook one can access all their mailbox data even in offline mode. Outlook uses offline storage table i.e. commonly known .ost file to facilitate users to access mailbox data in offline mode.

Due to all its overloades features Outlook may freeze sometimes that raises various problems to user in terms of time and data lost. Once the Outlook freezes, all the data accossiated with it like emails, calendar entries, contacts notes etc. becomes inaccessible, you have to wait so that the Outlook starts fuctioning again or forcibally close the application and start it again. Suppose you are in the middle of any task such as writing an email  or entering any other data, in that case forcibally restarting the application results in lost of all your unsaved data.

To minimize the Outlook frezeeing problem follow below mentioned steps.

  1.   Try to get smaller PST file size, archive all your unwanted items to reduce the pst file size.
  2.   Download and install the Microsoft Patch released to enhance the performance of Outlook. Microsoft Patch can be downloaded from : oads/details.aspx?familyid=C26 2BCFD-1E09-49B6-9003-C4C47539D F66&displaylang=en
  3.   Perform hard drive de-fragmentation, highly fragmented PST file is also cause Outlook freezing.

Frezee Outlook issue may also results in ost file corruption and once the ost file gets corrupt there is no way to recover ost file except converting ost file to pst. If you have not made any changes to the ost file since its last synchronization then there is no issue, simply delete the old ost file or rename it, a new ost file will be created automatically when you get connected to the Exchange server, but in case you make made any changes to the ost file since its last synchronization with Exchange Server and want to recove the changes with all the ost file contents, you have to convert ost file to pst file.

Since no such utility is inbuily in Outlook that can convert .ost file to .pst file you should rely on third party convert ost to pst tool. These tools are read only, that means they convert all the components osf Outlook .ost file to .pst file without altering any of the existing content. such tools are capable of converting ost to pst file in any instance of corruption and supports all the latest versions of Windows and Outlook such as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and Windows 7, vista, 2003, XP, 2000.